Women Artists

Anne Brown Relief Front St. 0
 Bust of Man
Sarah Jackson Bust of Man Mount Sinai Hospital 0
Bina Smith Woman Mount Sinai Hospital 0
 Unknown (11)
Sara Tesolin Unknown (11) Mount Pleasant Cemetery 0
 One Ninety North
Anne Harris One Ninety North Baycrest Hospital 0
 Torah Torah
Anne Harris Torah Torah North York 0
 Florence Wyle
Frances Loring Florence Wyle St.Clair Ave. 1914
 Frances Loring
Florence Wyle Frances Loring St.Clair Ave. 1914
 Boy and the Dragonfly
Rachel Hawks Boy and the Dragonfly Leaside 1923
 WWI Memorial
Frances Loring WWI Memorial Queen St. 1928
 Dead Tree Relief
Elizabeth Wyn Wood Dead Tree Relief North York - Yonge St. (near) 1930
 Young Girl
Florence Wyle Young Girl St.Clair Ave. 1938
 Lion - QEW monument
Frances Loring Lion - QEW monument Waterfront 1939
Florence Wyle Harvester St.Clair Ave. 1940
 Mother and Child
Florence Wyle Mother and Child St.Clair Ave. (near) 1947
Frances Loring Quebec The Guild Inn 1948
 British Columbia
Jacobine Jones British Columbia The Guild Inn 1948
Jacobine Jones Champlain University of Toronto 1951
Jacobine Jones Brock University of Toronto 1951
Jacobine Jones Simcoe University of Toronto 1951
 Flying Fish
Jean Horne Flying Fish Canadian National Exhibition 1954
 Mother and Children
Frances Loring Mother and Children Canadian National Exhibition 1957
 Indian Boy with Coon
Jacobine Jones Indian Boy with Coon Leaside 1961
 The Dancer (1)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (1) Cloverdale Mall 1964
 Rhythm of Exotic Plants
Krystyna Sadowska Rhythm of Exotic Plants North York - Yonge St. 1965
 Untitled (1)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (1) Sherbourne St. 1967
 Healey Willan
Frances Gage Healey Willan The Guild Inn 1967
 Sir Ernest McMillan
Frances Gage Sir Ernest McMillan The Guild Inn 1967
Frances Gage Rosamond Bloor St. (near) 1968
 Parent I
Barbara Hepworth Parent I King St. 1970
Frances Gage Woman Bay St. (near) 1971
Maryon Kantaroff Counterpoint Don Mills Rd. (near) 1971
 Family Group
Almuth Lutkenhaus Family Group Front St. 1972
Maryon Kantaroff Greenwin Al Green Sculpture Park 1973
 A Song for Barbara
Frances Gage A Song for Barbara Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1974
Anne Harris Monarch 1974
 Dr. William D. Young Memorial
Frances Gage Dr. William D. Young Memorial Beaches 1975
 Crucified Woman
Almuth Lutkenhaus Crucified Woman University of Toronto 1976
 The Last Supper
Almuth Lutkenhaus The Last Supper Bloor St. 1976
 The Winged Man
Almuth Lutkenhaus The Winged Man Leslie St. 1977
 Dream Work of the Whales
Georganna Malloff Dream Work of the Whales Queens Quay 1977
 Family Group
Gena Tenenbaum Family Group Baycrest Hospital 1977
 Creation no.7
May Marx Creation no.7 Baycrest Hospital 1977
Anne Allardyce Michael University of Toronto 1978
 Birds in Flight
Micheline Beauchemin Birds in Flight North York - Yonge St. 1978
 Song of Deborah
Maryon Kantaroff Song of Deborah Baycrest Hospital (near) 1979
 Frederick Gans Memorial
Maryon Kantaroff Frederick Gans Memorial University Ave. (near) 1980
 Puzzle of Life
Larraine Langer Puzzle of Life Mount Sinai Hospital 1980
 Catch Basin
Nancy Holt Catch Basin King St. (near) 1982
 Joy of Life (1)
Lea Vivot Joy of Life (1) Roncesvalles Ave. (near) 1983
 The Endless Bench
Lea Vivot The Endless Bench University Ave. 1984
Anna Kohn Courtship Baycrest Hospital 1986
 Passages of Life
Anne Harris Passages of Life Baycrest Hospital 1987
Rhodelle Hershoran Untitled St.Clair Ave. (near) 1987
 Spiral Fountain
Judith Schwarz Spiral Fountain Rogers Centre - Skydome 1989
Lea Vivot Harmony Columbus Centre 1989
 City People
Catherine Widgery City People Front St. 1989
 Tree of Life
Anne Allardyce Tree of Life Jewish Community Centre 1990
 Family Group
Juliet Jancso Family Group Necropolis Cemetery 1990
 Leap Frog
Juliet Jancso Leap Frog Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
 Lightly Ascending
Yoshiko Sunahara Lightly Ascending Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1990
 Salmon Run
Susan Schelle Salmon Run CN Tower (near) 1991
 The Northern Bull Moose
Hilary Clark Cole The Northern Bull Moose Don Mills Rd. 1992
 Memoire du futur
Anne and Patrick Poirier Memoire du futur King St. 1992
Judith Schwarz Nautilius Bay St. 1992
 Remembered Sustenance
Cynthia Short Remembered Sustenance Wellington St. 1992
 Noire, Solaire, Basse
Jocelyne Alloucherie Noire, Solaire, Basse York University 1993
 A Day Forward
Yoshiko Sunahara A Day Forward Mount Pleasant Cemetery 1993
Anne Harris Langorous Sunnybrook Hospital 1994
Maryon Kantaroff Anadyomene University of Toronto 1995
 Circle of Hope
Anne Harris Circle of Hope Sunnybrook Hospital 1996
 Commitment Series I
Anne Harris Commitment Series I Baycrest Hospital 1997
 Bloor Parkette
Schelle, Gomes Bloor Parkette Bloor St. 1997
 The Laws of Nature
Susan Schelle The Laws of Nature King St. 1997
Ingrid Cryns Untitled Front St. (near) 1997
 The Glenn Gould Gathering
Ruth Abernethy The Glenn Gould Gathering Front St. 1999
 Liquid Echo
Catherine Widgery Liquid Echo Bay St. 1999
Schelle, Gomes Untitled Annex 1999
Linda Covit Interstice Jewish Community Centre 1999
 Bird House Sculpture
Anne Roberts Bird House Sculpture Queens Quay 1999
Anne Roberts Maypole Queens Quay 1999
Ruth Abernethy A.Modir Mount Pleasant Cemetery 2000
Liz Magor Keep York University 2000
 The Last Alarm
Yolanda VanderGaast The Last Alarm Waterfront 2000
 Charles William Jefferys
Adrienne Alison Charles William Jefferys North York - Yonge St. (near) 2000
 Madre Teresa da Anunciada
Camilla Geary-Martin Madre Teresa da Anunciada Downtown 2001
Marlene Hilton Moore Orenda Front St. 2001
 Being There
Steinunn Thorarinsdottir Being There Yorkville 2002
Marlene Hilton Moore Passage Kingston Rd. (near) 2002
 Franklin and Rabbit
Ruth Abernethy Franklin and Rabbit Toronto Islands 2003
Ruth Abernethy Goose Toronto Islands 2003
 Geranium Lady
Rose-Aimee Belanger Geranium Lady Yorkville 2003
Ruth Abernethy Bear Toronto Islands 2003
 The Jack Pine Rememberd
Panya Clark Espinal The Jack Pine Rememberd Sheppard Ave. (near) 2003
 Big Bird
Anne Harris Big Bird North York - General Hospital 2004
 Robert Gourlay
Adrienne Alison Robert Gourlay King St. 2004
 John Strachan
Adrienne Alison John Strachan University of Toronto 2004
 Windswept Silhouette
Hilary Clark Cole Windswept Silhouette Don Mills Rd. 2005
 Three Fauns
Rose-Aimee Belanger Three Fauns Yorkville 2005
 Without Title
Anna Bem-Borucka Without Title Canadian National Exhibition 2005
 Wife of Lot
Andrea Yermy Wife of Lot Baycrest Hospital 2005
 Open Sphere
Martha Townsend Open Sphere Leaside 2006
 Pillars of Justice
Edwina Sandys Pillars of Justice University Ave. 2007
 Cloud Series - Cumulonimbus
Ania Biczysko Cloud Series - Cumulonimbus Queen St. 2008
 Flow Blue (1)
Marlene Hilton Moore Flow Blue (1) Yonge St. - Downtown (near) 2008
Lilly Otasevic Mobius Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2008
 Flow Blue (2)
Marlene Hilton Moore Flow Blue (2) Yonge St. - Downtown (near) 2008
Hilary Clark Cole Muskox Don Mills Rd. 2009
Linda Covit Tracings North York - Yonge St. (near) 2009
 Light Side of the Moon
Bowlby/Martin Light Side of the Moon Leaside 2009
 James Beaty
Adrienne Alison James Beaty King St. 2009
Catherine Widgery Mindshadows Yonge St./ Eglinton St. (near) 2011
 Light Containers
Linda Covit Light Containers Downsview (near) 2013

Outside Toronto

Maryon Kantaroff Cordella Windsor 0
 The Garden
Maryon Kantaroff The Garden Windsor 0
 Naked in Babylon
Anne Harris Naked in Babylon Halifax 0
 Curtain Call no.2
Anne Harris Curtain Call no.2 Ottawa 0
 Combing the Universe
Anne Harris Combing the Universe Mississauga 0
Frances Loring Turkey Guelph 1932
 The Dancer (2)
Sarah Jackson The Dancer (2) Ottawa 1964
 Untitled (2)
Krystyna Sadowska Untitled (2) Mississauga 1967
 Walking Girl
Almuth Lutkenhaus Walking Girl Waterloo 1972
 Early Morning Dream
Krystyna Sadowska Early Morning Dream Waterloo 1972
 Man and Woman
Almuth Lutkenhaus Man and Woman Waterloo 1973
 Study in Bronze
Anne Harris Study in Bronze Oshawa 1978
 He Is All Pine and I Am Apple Orchad
Anne Allardyce He Is All Pine and I Am Apple Orchad Stouffville 1983
 Joy of Life (2)
Lea Vivot Joy of Life (2) Montreal 1983
Anne Allardyce Eumenides St.Catharines 1985
 Opus 87
Anne Harris Opus 87 Albright Knox Art Gallery 1987
Cynthia Short Lightmare Guelph 1989
 Mother and Child
Lea Vivot Mother and Child Kleinburg 1989
Frances Gage Mindemoya Guelph 1990
 Concept II
Anne Harris Concept II Mississauga 1991
 The Secret Bench of Knowledge (1)
Lea Vivot The Secret Bench of Knowledge (1) Ottawa 1993
 The Secret Bench of Knowledge (2)
Lea Vivot The Secret Bench of Knowledge (2) Montreal 1993
 Big Brown Bird
Anne Harris Big Brown Bird Mississauga 1994
 Objective Memory
Catherine Widgery Objective Memory Ottawa 1994
 Grizzly Bears - Mother and Cubs
Hilary Clark Cole Grizzly Bears - Mother and Cubs Whitby 1995
 Northern Eye
Anne Harris Northern Eye Mississauga 1995
 Eves's Apple
Edwina Sandys Eves's Apple Windsor 1997
Anne Harris Tohawah Windsor 1998
Yolanda VanderGaast Penguins Windsor 2000
Liz Magor Channel Oakville 2004
 Oscar's Corner
Ruth Abernethy Oscar's Corner Ottawa 2010