Bay St.

 Unknown (20)
Unknown Unknown (20) Bay St. (near) 0
Frances Gage Woman Bay St. (near) 1971
Gio Pomodoro Foliage Bay St. 1975
 Larry Sefton Memorial
Jerome Markson Larry Sefton Memorial Bay St. (near) 1977
 Innercity Gate
Kosso Eloul Innercity Gate Bay St. (near) 1978
 Space Composition
Haydn Davies Space Composition Bay St. (near) 1984
 Untitled (1)
Robert Bowers Untitled (1) Bay St. (near) 1987
 Untitled (2)
Robert Bowers Untitled (2) Bay St. 1988
 To Serve and Protect
Garnet/Drysdale To Serve and Protect Bay St. (near) 1988
 The Wave
Ivan Kostov The Wave Bay St. 1992
Judith Schwarz Nautilius Bay St. 1992
 Liquid Echo
Catherine Widgery Liquid Echo Bay St. 1999
 La Scala
Whiten/Kipps La Scala Bay St. 2003
 Light Spirals
Peter Powning Light Spirals Bay St. 2006
Carl Tacon Shift Bay St. (near) 2008