Bloor St.

Frances Gage Rosamond Bloor St. (near) 1968
Sorel Etrog Dreamchamber Bloor St. 1976
 The Last Supper
Almuth Lutkenhaus The Last Supper Bloor St. 1976
 Meeting Place
Kosso Eloul Meeting Place Bloor St. 1984
 Full Moon
Wendell Castle Full Moon Bloor St. (near) 1988
 Patterns for the Tree of Life
John McEwen Patterns for the Tree of Life Bloor St. (near) 1989
 Red, Orange and Green
Michael Snow Red, Orange and Green Bloor St. (near) 1992
 Bloor Parkette
Schelle, Gomes Bloor Parkette Bloor St. 1997
Kirk Newman Community Bloor St. 2001
Jun Kaneko Untitled Bloor St. (near) 2002
 Double Vision
Shayne Dark Double Vision Bloor St. (near) 2010
Eldon Garnet Inversion Bloor St. (near) 2011
 The Wessel
Ilan Sandler The Wessel Bloor St. (near) 2011
 Double Take
Shayne Dark Double Take Bloor St. (near) 2014