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March 25/06 - Raf

Since we've been getting a lot hits thanks to Google, I've made dynamic page titles. Beefed up PHP security as well

March 15/06 - Raf

Fixed major search glitch. 3+ name artists work now.

March 13/06 - Raf

Since we've been getting quite a lot of hits lately, there's LOTS OF CHANGES! Let's see...

December 31/05 - Raf

Redid the whole server code, and now its completely CSS based (no more tables at all!), the source code is much cleaner (check for yourself!), and the text based version is also clean (disable styles in Opera or Firefox to see)

September 27/05 - Raf

A couple days ago I changed the search results so that they use DIVS instead of a table. However, this created a couple of layout errors I'll have to fix.

June 27/05 - Raf

A lot done today =D

July 10/05 - Raf

Some small search algorithm changes, and new title images. All sculpture thumbnails have been added.

June 26/05 - Raf

The site should be working just as before, except for the advanced search (check the to-do list). I changed the index of the site to a splash page.

June 25/05 - Raf

Well, I overhauled the whole site, made it CSS friendly, and made it simpler to edit. No more tables for the layout. However, this did create a lot of problems that I'm working to fix to make it work like before.

Apr. 5/05 - Raf

Minor change in advanced search query - 1 and 2 letter searches no longer find first names (as requested by client). Done up till "L".

Mar. 25/05 - Raf

Menu beneath banner works now. Created a php page that shows the top "x" number of values in whatever category. The "Search by Type" doesn't work yet since there is not type value in the database. Database is complete up to the artists beginning in letter H. Added "copyright" and "optimized for..." information at the bottom.

Feb. 3/05 - Raf

Changed the whole site to use tables instead of iframes.

Jan. 26/05 - Raf

My partner fixed some of the problems we had with the layout, and I have made several title images. I have decided to only keep the problems that are not yet fixed on the to do list.

Jan. 25/05 - Raf

The beta of the layout is finished!!! Hurrah!!! I redid all the thumbnails, and refreshed the database.

Jan. 24/05 - Raf

I didn't like the way I fixed the "two letter" problem yesterday. I redid the whole "Name Search" algorithm using functions. I also implemented arrays for the information. Finally, I was able to create a method to replace the "location" with "area" if "area" is present. Will turn into function later.

Jan. 23/05 - Raf

Added "Al Green". Found a glitch and fixed it (now, when searching with 2 words, one of which is two letters, it ignores that word - thus "Al Green" wont find "Gerald Gladstone)

Jan. 22/05 - Raf

I fixed the glitch in a search (it was the OR function). Added "No Sculptures Found" result. Updated database and photos for two new artists: Posa and Gladstone.

Jan. 1/05 - Raf

Updated the database with two new artists: Bieler and Baird. Received a response from partner - he will start working on the layout now. For a preview of my idea of the layout, go to the Layout Page. I think there is a glitch in the search - will work on it later.

Dec. 23/04 - Raf

I uploaded a new database with several changes. First of all, most of the images now work. Also, I changed the advanced search so that when you use it, it displays the "search query" and I also changed the search algortihm slightly.

Dec. 22/04 - Raf

Getting into more detail. I still only have one image uploaded (waiting on my partner for the layout so I can remake all the thumbnails). I've totally redone the search query and added the "decade" option. Searching should be faster and you can add more advanced options.

For the old pages, you can either use the "old" part of the menu, but otherwise, I basically overwrote yesterday's work. I will be doing this in the future, no point of keeping old copies around when the new ones work flawlessly.

Dec. 21/04 - Raf

I've started work on the PHP aspect of the site. My partner has yet to send me the new layout, so I'm using the old one from Geocities. I uploaded a makeshift database, have written some basic options. So far, it emulates the "Select Artist" option from the old site.

707 sculptures indexed.